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Are you going to regret in future? What this 5 women aged 60+ regret today

5 women aged 60+ they regret that they DO NOT DO

Usually, we hear from the older women than we do what we should not do. “Do not shout”, “do not argue”, “do not act like a boy”, “do not talk”, “do not be late” … Today we decided to talk to them about what to do is worth it. We asked 5 women aged 60+ to tell us about one thing they regret for not doing.

I regret that I did not see what the world looks likesays 79 years old

I have never been abroad and I regret that I did not see what the world looks like. Of course, once traveling was not as easy as now. Airline tickets cost property. That’s how I explain it … So travel!

I always wanted to have short hair , says 91 years old

It’s a shame for life! You have to go forward. But there is one thing that I regret that I did not do. You will laugh at me. Ever since I was a young lady, I always wanted to have short hair. I even remember how the future fashion and my friends all cut hair at once. But my mom thought that the girl should have a long one. She always told me that. “The woman is long in the longest, she cuts her hair – she cuts off what is the prettiest”. And even now, in my old age, I get tired of this bun. Although mummy is dead for a long time. Well, if I cut it now, so what? It is not the same anymore. And it seems to me that when I was young, it would be nice because I had such waves. But I never checked. And I regret. So I think if you really want something, then you should do it. Even if it’s something as frivolous as changing your hairstyle . If you are scared, you regret it later. At least he knows whether it’s him or not.

I did not convince myself , says 65 years old

It’s easy. I regret that what other people think is really irrelevant. My life would be better. Because, in fact, what counts is what one person thinks about You. So do what you want, if you think about it.

Are you going to regret in future

I have never been happy with my husband ,says 61 years old

Only please change my name. I will tell you honestly. I have never been happy with my husband. It was not bad for us, but it was somehow nondescript. And once in a sanatorium I met a man. As the saying goes, there was chemistry between us (laughs). We talked, we went for walks. Never in my life did I feel at my husband like him. I felt a woman. But sometimes also a teenager (laughs). Of course, nothing happened between us. He was already a widower, but he knew that I had a husband. After the stay, when I returned home, I thought that I would pack up and leave. Not this man, anyway. But then, at home, I thought to myself: “Woman, you are 45 years old, where you go, what will you do? You are already old! “And maybe for you 45 years is also a lot, but please believe me that it is still youth and you still have much more. But you have to have courage. I’ve always missed her. When this man came to Warsaw and called me, I got away from the meeting. I do not even remember what I told him. And then I stopped answering the phones. He stopped calling. I regret that I did not meet him. Not because I fell in love and wanted to create something together. Because I got scared and ran away. He was waking in me something that I had slept through all my marriage. I gave myself away when I gave up meeting him. My advice, ah, if I do not like advice, but it’s important: be true to yourself .

I regret that I did not have a child , says 80 years old

I regret that I did not have a child. I need to grow. I will not. But it’s not that everyone has children. The point is to reach for what you want . Uuu, but I said (laughs).

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