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Three helpful rules when you fall asleep during the day

These tips can be helpful to overcome: when you fall asleep during the day

asleep during the day
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1.Natural food supplements

Start by sorting the economy carbohydrates. Eat those complex (eg in whole-grain cereal products, legumes, cabbage, peppers, lettuces) instead of simple ones (eg in products from purified flour, fruit juices). Thanks to that organism it will be harmoniously supplied with glucose and your vitality will not decrease but helps when you fall asleep during the day .

2.Oxygen while sleeping

Make sure you breathe properly at night. You can be drowsy during the day because … you snore at night. The body does not get as much oxygen as it needs and does not rest. Therefore, sleep with the window tilted and on the side (which will facilitate, for example, squarely sewing Course back pajamas).

3.Sour cherry juice

Before going to sleep, drink a small glass of sour cherries juice. It was examined that, on the one hand, it supports a restful night’s sleep, on the other hand, it promotes vitality during the day.


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