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Chicken Egg: How do they really affect our health? -2019

Today, We all know that chicken egg is the most common superfood, a product that has many advantages! Many properties can surprise you!

Many people still think that the number of eggs cannot be overdone. One, two a week? Oh no! WHO (World Health Organization) today recommends a healthy adult eating up to 10 eggs a week. Of course, egg products are included, such as cakes, pancakes, pasta.

Chicken Egg in the diet strengthen bones and teeth

The truthContains a lot of easily digestible protein, calcium, and vitamins. D, which the body can not produce alone. One egg delivers 4 percent. The daily requirement for a healthy adult to vitamin D.

Chicken Egg is conducive development atherosclerosis 

False- Studies show that eggs omega and choline contained in eggs reduce the concentration of triglycerides, lower blood pressure, favorably affect the vascular endothelium, inhibit the blood clotting process.

 Although one large egg contains an acceptable daily dose of cholesterol, the above ingredients protect against atherosclerosis, and the cholesterol is metabolized differently than the one produced by the liver.

Guilty atherosclerosis is a defective metabolism, but not a composition of eaten products. Eggs in the diet should limit to 3-4 weeks only people with hypercholesterolemia.

Eating eggs, you prevent anemia 

The truth -Egg is rich in iron and folic acid. Boiled chicken egg contains 1.89 mg of iron in 100 g, and the yolk itself: 2.73 mg / 100 g. Vitamin B12 found in eggs Also helps to fight against Anemia.

We do not give eggs to kids because they are allergic -True or false

False-Allergy to chicken eggs is about 5 percent. society. Research by London researchers, however, shows that gradually increasing the diet of children after six months of life reduces the risk of food allergies. 

Chicken Egg improves eyesight 

The truth: Yolk is rich in lutein (reduces the risk of cataract) and important for eyes Vitamin A. In one egg is up to 25 percent. the recommended daily dose of this vitamin. 

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It is not worth overpaying – an egg is an egg 

False- It is worth buying eggs from the free-range or directly from breeders because they have even several hundred times more valuable ingredients, including omega acids than those from caged hens, fattened with low-value feed with synthetic beta-carotene, to improve the color of yolks.

Long boiled eggs are hard to digest

The truth-People with a sensitive stomach should avoid eating hard-boiled eggs, especially for long-cooked ones. Then, they produce sulfur compounds with iron (dark rum), Which can irritate the mucous membrane of the sensitive stomach. It is also better to avoid frying eggs with a large amount of butter, fat bacon – this is too hard to digest.

Lists that will not help us –

Eggs and Bacon

Although they taste great in scrambled eggs, they acidify the body, together they provide too much fat, cholesterol and animal protein, which makes them too hard to digest. 

Eggs and potatoes

Tubers contain minerals that hinder the absorption of iron and calcium from eggs. 

Eggs and fish

For example, salmon, present in the egg protein, inhibits the absorption of B vitamins, especially B7 (biotin) from oily marine fish.

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