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Bad news for coffee lovers

Bad news for coffee lovers

The latest report on the assessment of global coffee resources shows that 60 percent of 124 known species are on the verge of extinction.

  • If it were not for wild species, we would not have so much drinking coffee in the world today. Because if you look at the history of coffee growing, we used wild species to make coffee growing sustainable – said Dr. Aaron Davis from the Royal Botanic Garden in Kew.

Research published in the journal Science Advances has shown that protection measures are “insufficient” for wild coffees, including those deemed “critical” to long-term global coffee production. As many as 75 wild species of coffee are considered threatened with extinction, 35 are not endangered, and about 14 other species are not known enough to classify them into one of the categories. 

It was also found that 28 percent. wild coffee species grow outside protected areas, and only half of it is stored in seed banks.

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The research conducted by “Global Change Biology” shows that wild Arabica coffee can be classified as threatened on the basis of its official ranking position when climate change predictions are taken into account. According to the latest analyses, the natural population of wild Arabica coffee will decrease by at least 50 percent. until 2088 due to climate change. 

Wild Arabica is used to deliver seeds for coffee production as well as an independent crop. Ethiopia is the home of Arabica, where it grows naturally in tropical forests.

Many people who drink coffee do not realize that we only use coffee beans from two species – Coffea Arabica and Coffea robusta – in thousands of different coffee blends sold in the world. In fact, there are 122 species of coffee that grow wild in the wild. Many of them are unsuitable for drinking but contain genes that can help maintain the survival of coffee beans in the future, due to climate change and emerging diseases affecting the trees. 

In the long term, we will have to use wild species to protect future coffee crops.

bad news for coffee lovers

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