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Do not worry, take off your shoes

In autumn and winter, we wear heavy, built-up footwear for many hours. This causes the skin of the feet to not breathe and an unpleasant smell.


An unpleasant smell from shoes is your anguish? Cherish your feet regularly

Appropriate care and specialist products are needed for the problem to disappear. Every day, it’s worth taking care to keep feet less sweaty: wear airy, cotton socks and leather shoes.

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After a full day, suck legs in warm water with salt, with herbal extracts (such as sage) that have antibacterial and antifungal properties and reduce sweating of the feet.

Every day, after washing and carefully drying the feet, use herbal deodorants that refresh and prevent excessive sweating of the feet. Use them also to refresh your shoes.

Sweat feet with powdered or talc. They contain extracts of herbs, as well as substances that help to prevent mycosis.

Rub your feet and nails with lavender oil (or tea tree). It works antifungal and eliminates odors.

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