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Egg shell – How to use as fertilizer and a way for snails?-2019

uses of egg shell

The Egg shell contains many valuable micros- and macro elements: calcium, which is their main building material, iron, nitrogen, zinc, fluorine, sulfur, silicon, copper, manganese, and many others. It is a pity to waste such potential and throw it into the trash can. They can be used to strengthen plants in the garden. 

Eggs are an inseparable element of Easter. We eat them with gusto or make them of dumplings, which later decorate with colorful patterns. Easter eggs decorate tables and baskets with Holy Mother Christmas, and what to do with unnecessary egg shell after eaten eggs? You better not throw them away! They are great for fertilizing plants.

Researchers confirmed that the compounds contained in the “shell” can be used as a Fertilizer. Which will be particularly beneficial for Plants affected by diseases on the Physiological background, caused by calcium deficiency, or dry rot of fruit tops.

 The lack of calcium in the soil is adversely affecting, among others: tomatoes, black lilac, lavender, peony, hellebores, crinoids, tulips, dogwood, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, cabbage.

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Egg shell as a fertilizer – How to use it? A natural conditioner for plants

The content of calcium makes the remains of eggs perfectly suitable for acidic conditions and for feeding plants that prefer neutral or alkaline soil.

Egg shell as a Fertilizer can be used in several ways:

Shells, after cooking eggs (necessarily washed!) And drying crush into small pieces, and then put them in a pot or spill on the ground, in a place where a specimen exposed to calcium deficiencies, grows. Moisture causes the parts of the shells to gradually dissolve, thus releasing valuable nutrients into the soil.

If the soil in our garden is too acidic, then it causes the blades to weaken, and on the turf, weeds appear and the moss blooms, let’s reach the shells and scatter it in problematic places.

We can also grind spoils into fine dust (eg in a grinder to coffee ), which we mix with the soil used during planting or transplanting plants. It is also worth enriching the substrate for pot plants. Soils with a neutral reaction like Hoja, Olivia, Zielinski.

– Egg shells are a great addition to compost, intended for fertilizing lands with too low pH

– On the basis of shells, we can also prepare a nourishing decoction for watering plants. It is not complicated to Cook. Just pour the leftover Eggs with hot water, then Leave the solution for a week or two. Condition not too bright, airy place and we mix it every now and then. After the time has elapsed, the liquid is drained and instantly watered with plants.

uses of egg shell

What snails do not like in the garden? Try egg shell!

Spilling crumbled egg shell around plants in the garden has one more advantage. They not only nourish plants and improve soil parameters, but also repel ravenous snails. They often bite the leaves of deciduous plants, among others lettuce and funky. These creatures are sensitive to unevenness and roughness of the substrate. So they will avoid the Specimens which were sprinkled with Shell with sharp, injuring edges.

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Egg shells application

It does not matter which eggs we use – they can have both white, light greenish, and dark brown color, just follow our instructions above and see the magic in your garden.

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