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Charging the car as fast as refueling. Is it possible? Electric cars

Interest in electric cars is constantly growing and more and more road users are looking for an alternative to internal combustion vehicles. The development of electromobility is associated with changes within the automotive infrastructure.

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According to the report of the International Energy Agency, there are now over 3 million electric cars on roads across the world. It is expected that this number will increase to 100 million cars within a dozen of years. The revolution in the area of ​​electromobility brings with it changes that affect not only drivers and car manufacturers but also the city’s infrastructure itself.

Charging points

– Electrification is not only about the vehicle itself and the modification of the drive system. The development of e-cars also means issues related to the entire infrastructure and habits of drivers and the way people think about moving. Currently, electric vehicle drivers must consider charging points when planning a route. With the increase in the number of electric cars on the roads, the number of such points will increase, and the need for a special route planning will disappear. I believe that in smaller towns soon the infrastructure designated for this purpose will appear in key locations of cities: at authorized car dealers, in-car service centers and parking lots at shopping centers.


Expectations of e-car owners associated with an easy and fast charging service will increase the number of stations of this type. The IONITY project is a solution that proposes super-fast power networks. The goal of the project is to build over 400 quick chargers up to 350 kWh on major European highways. These devices should provide really fast charging, taking about the same amount of time as needed to refuel the car at the gas station.

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According to some scenarios, future electric cars can replace large capacity batteries, which in the event of a power outage can become a source of electricity for the home or office.

  – We are at the stage of testing this solution and calculating its savings. The research carried out is aimed at reducing the totallossenergy in a 24-hour cycle. We hope that the vision of cars as the largest flexible energy sources is at your fingertips

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