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Facebook acknowledges that its Portal can spy on users

Facebook during the launch of the Portal and Portal + devices assured that the gadgets will not listen or preview users. Now, however, the opinion on this issue was somewhat changed, because one of the company’s representatives reported that Portals will be able to collect certain data from users. This raises huge concerns about the violation of privacy.


Facebook Portal and Portal + are two devices that the social networking giant presented earlier this month. During the launch , it was ensured that users’ privacy would not be violated . According to the company, the gadgets were not supposed to be eavesdropping or watching. Facebook now admitted that the Portals could somehow spy on the owners.

Voice calls on the Portal are based on the Messenger infrastructure, so when you make a video call on the Portal, we collect the same types of information (e.g. usage data, including call duration, frequency) that we collect on other devices with Messengeer. We may use this information to match the ads we display on our platforms. – Facebook’s spokesperson in a statement for Recode.

But is anyone surprised? We all know the Facebook business model very well , whose ads are an inseparable part . It is thanks to them that the service earns so much money. That’s why Zuckerberg and the company are taking all possible ways to tailor sponsored content to the users’ best.


The Portal itself, however, is not used to display advertisements. Therefore, the collected data will not be used in any way by the team responsible for creating this device. You have to take care of your privacy, which everyone must keep in mind. 

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