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Five valentines day ideas

Regardless of what you think about Valentine’s Day, this day is a great opportunity to spend time with your other half than usual. Instead of catching the first pack of chocolates on the run, do something to remember this day for a long time. Here are Five
valentines day ideas that will help you organize really surprising Valentine’s Day.

Five valentines day ideas

# 1. A spontaneous weekend for two

Valentine’s date does not have to mean a candlelit dinner … at least not only. A spontaneous weekend trip is always a great surprise. No matter where you go – to a nearby village, in the mountains or abroad. Such a trip will allow you to change the environment and for a moment to break away from everyday life only together. If your other half has recently mentioned a place that she wants to see or an event she can not miss (like a beloved band’s concert or an exhibition of your favorite artist in another city), you have an easier task because you know which direction to choose. You can not decide? Use online search engines for flights and hotels and choose your dream destination.

# 2. An evening like a favorite movie about love

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of lovers and even if you are with you for a while, the date on this occasion may be different than all. Fortunately, you do not have to find your own Shakespeare at all costs, it’s enough to inspire stories about love from movies or books. Take, for example, your favorite romantic comedy and prepare a theme date. You can literally play the story from the screen or implement the elements related to it. Make a dinner of heroes during a romantic meeting, play their first date or try to write a few messages in the way the main character would write them to your beloved. Maybe, but on Valentine’s day, all catches are allowed.

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# 3. A gift that you definitely do not expect

 You cannot buy happiness, but there are gifts that can make a real pleasure. If you are looking for something special, which is hard to find at home stores. Our advice? Browse her Pinterest charts for gift inspiration or ask her friend what she dreams about if you are not sure what to choose. You can also look at the list of pages you follow and select the brand product that you follow. Dress from a foreign store or purse not available in your country. Just a few clicks and it can be yours. It’s extremely comfortable.

# 4. External ideas

If you both do not like routine, and prefer unusual entertainment to sitting in a restaurant, spend Valentine’s Day in a really exciting way. Even if the season is not conducive to parachute or bungee jumps, you can be tempted by a few other dates with a hint of adrenaline. In winter, you’ll enjoy a ride on snowmobiles on snow-covered trails or a quick downhill skiing or snowboarding on a mountain slope. Do you want to try something really special? Take a free flight in an aerotunnel that simulates falling. It takes a short time, but the impressions are unforgettable.

# 5. A date for foodies

Your date can not do without discovering new flavors? Instead of going to dinner in the restaurant or cooking at home, put on something unusual. Participation in cooking workshops or a common tasting of cheeses or wine is not only great fun, but also an unusual approach to the subject of food, which will open you to new sensations. Such a date will appeal to all amateurs of good cuisine, and at the same time will not be trumped

How were these Five valentines day ideas ? let us know in comment section below.

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