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Future cars COCKPIT by samsung in picture

future car

Presented during the CES 2019, Samsung Digital Cockpit combines modern communication, personalization, and security features. Future cars cockpit ;

future car cockpit
future car cockpit

The advent of digital car cockpits has allowed for even greater integration of the driver and the vehicle. Advanced solutions that connect the car with the world have resulted in not only increased safety, but also a more pleasant and personalized ride.

Future cars Cockpit 2019 is a combination of the latest automotive technologies with innovations known from our homes. The best example of this is full integration with the virtual voice assistant Bixby. Thanks to this, drivers can use the simple commands to check the fuel level before setting out on a trip, set the right temperature in the vehicle, control the volume of multimedia systems and even adjust the lighting level.

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If, however, we would not like to talk with the help of ubiquitous, intelligent cameras that will recognize the specific driver or passenger in detail and immediately set all the factory functions to our preferences – including the most-listened radio station and even favorite playlist.

Passengers on the back can also count on high comfort. The screens placed on the headrests can also be fully personalized, and thanks to the specially adapted Samsung Dex adapter, the vehicle will allow you to connect with your smartphone and transfer all relevant data to larger displays.

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Exynos Auto V9 is supervised all over – a special system enabling operation of up to six high resolution displays. For smooth operation, he engages 8-core CPU processors and up to 10-core GPU processors based on the tri-cluster architecture. Exynos Auto V9 is also equipped with a neural processing unit (NPU), which processes visual and audio data to accurately recognize faces, speech and gestures.

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