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The best method to get rid of fears, anger, and black thoughts. It was made by man

get rid of fears

Method to get rid of fears. This method requires a lot of openness, uncompromising and courage. You look into the eyes of the greatest fears. For example, you accept that you will always be unhappy and … you agree to it. It gives you strength and freedom. The creator of “Ok, it may be so!” there is a Man, who came across his trail at the age of 23. method to get rid of fears in short.

  • He discovered a method that lets you get rid of fears, worries, anger and find peace. He called it: “Ok, it may be so!”. He is the best example of its effectiveness
  • In short – it’s about total acceptance. That which is rejected causes fear. The method “Ok, it may be so!” allows you to tame what is most unwanted and frightening. It makes emotions fall to zero
  • What happens to fears when we tell them “yes”? First of all, they cease to be fears. Secondly, the situation related to them can change

In short, it’s about acceptance. Its lack makes us clash, fight, and torment. That which is rejected causes fear. The method “Ok, it may be so!” lets him tame him. It fishes what is most unwanted and frightening out of the minds of the mind. Then he encourages you to accept that what you fear will inevitably meet you. And you will not die from it on the spot, like being struck by lightning.For details of method to get rid of fears in heading are below

Destructive emotions

Like most of this kind of discoveries, the method was born of a deep personal need. He was very tired with himself until he was 23 years old. He was accompanied by constantly destructive emotions, depression, undermining the meaning of life or the world. Until a spark of hope appeared. – I was in photographic studies, again in a terrible hole. 

One day I was sitting in a room at a state and suffered. I closed my eyes and, for the first time, spontaneously, gave myself to meditation. Suddenly, the mind detached itself from all concepts, I felt blissful peace. Since then, I’ve been looking for a way to feel like every day – he recalls.

He began intense work on himself, explored various methods. And finally, after four years, he did something radically different than what he teaches development textbooks. – I realized that I am afraid of something and that I do not want to defend myself anymore. I gave up fighting, I said, “Well, it could be so.” And at that moment I felt the same kind of calm that I had at the time. I wanted to understand what this is all about. Step by step I was building a methodology, I was looking for the most effective message to communicate with myself. I asked myself questions, provoked, wrote out problems, drew conclusions – he says.

He would not offer hundreds of people his method if he was not a walking example of its effectiveness. He says openly: “I have healed, I have left my fears and sorrows, my anger and regrets behind me, I am calm, cheerful, and my emotions no longer depend on external conditions.” All this thanks to saying “yes” to what we are against.

– I remember how shocked I was when I discovered the derivation of the word “tolerance” – he admits. – It comes from the Latin tolerareendure, endure, suffer. It has nothing to do with internal peace. For me, more than tolerance, I am interested in acceptance, which is based on total agreement on something – the one at which emotions fall to zero. In my practice, I often meet people who think that they have accepted something, and they barely tolerate it and do not understand why after doing huge work they still have bad luck.

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How do you check if you actually accepted anything? Think about the emotions that arose in your last year. (well, unless you have any memories from last year’s . Take this state as a reference point, and then think of something that was once difficult. How is it now?

Often people, whom I suggest such verification, say: “I am sad, only so used to this sadness that I thought it a peace.” The method is merciless, it tells you to get to the bottom, to name certain things without censorship – just as they sound in our head – He says . And set aside most of the things we know about working on ourselves. Above all, do not divide your thoughts into positive and negative ones. When we find that we have all the bad things in us, we feel guilty, we start to treat ourselves as our own enemies. – One must also understand that thinking is reflexive. In fact, we only look at the thoughts in our head – he explains. – We have two types of thoughts: warning and encouraging. And both are important.

The problem arises when the warning mode far outweighs the encouraging one. Then, instead of opportunities, we are looking for threats everywhere. As children, we have a lot of encouragement, curiosity, little fear. Then we absorb the fear that is saturated with our culture. He also refutes the myth that the result of our thoughts are emotions. For the same thought, everyone can react differently. – More important is the instinctive reaction that goes beyond our will and control. If the body reacts with anxiety to a given stimulus, it starts to fight for survival. 

The problem is that it works zero-one, so it enters combat mode every time a warning idea appears! This means that even a crooked strip on the street can be a threat to life for the body because we can not stand that “someone screwed up like that”. Or bother us with a crooked smile or bad weather. If someone was practiced in constant reaction, for example, he was growing in an atmosphere of violence, the smallest thing would put him in a state of alarm: poured tea, unfulfilled expectations. He may even reproach himself, say: “Why do I react like that, I’m safe now!” But that will not change anything. You have to help the body give up the fight reflex, give him a signal that he does not have to respond with stress to every warning though. Convince him that the problems we work in our heads do not kill!

Goodbye, hope!

Choose a case with which you will work. Think about what scares you the most. HE encourages us to go as far as possible – assume that you will never change this situation.

Now, in the face of the inevitable, rate the intensity of your discomfort on a scale of 0 to 10. You will probably say “10!”. Now it’s time for a series of questions (you’ll find them in the frame) to determine if what’s bothering you leads to death on the spot. You can only answer “yes” or “no”. Gradually, you will find that after each round of questions, in which you confirm that a given thought (problem) does not die, your emotions will decrease.

When they reach level 0, HE offers verification. The question is: “What do I really think about this topic?”. It is like a beam of light – it penetrates consciousness, exposes our beliefs. 

You can see immediately if the acceptance is complete. If necessary, we can deepen the process, because the conscious fears often hide others – even more terrible. For example, you are afraid of the boss, and underneath, thoughts like ‘I will lose my job’, ‘I will be left without money’, ‘land on the pavement’. He tells me to choose the most frightening scenario. And turn the screw to the end. So if you say: “I will be unhappy” or “I will suffer”, add: “already forever”.

Accept that it’s true

Do not be afraid to feel it, accept that it’s true. Then the work looks similar: determining the strength of emotions on a 10-point scale and subsequent rounds with questions (usually after each discomfort it decreases by two degrees). Up to zero. Finally, we ask the verification question again. And we breathe with relief …

Complicated? Only seemingly. In fact, the method is simple and can be used alone. However, it is best to use the session or training with him beforehand – he will catch the evasion of the mind and escape strategies. He will motivate, provoke: “Please, do not belay, put aside all divagations, arguments, consciously give up the hope that it will be different, do not analyze, but to take a caress, take it seriously – the jokes are over.”

Gątnicki admits that the method requires a lot of humility – you have to put yourself against the wall so that you do not look around for any emergency exit. – The body will not be freed from what it escapes. You have to create conditions for him to stop fighting, cut off all the paths of retreat. Feel the strongest emotions, stay with them, find out that you can function with this. It gives strength, freedom – ensures.

Help the intelligence

What happens to fears when we tell them “yes”? First of all, they cease to be fears. Secondly, the situation related to them can change.

He remembers a woman who, due to ill-chosen hormonal drugs, vomited every evening: – She left these drugs, changed the treatment, all previous symptoms disappeared. Only that she was afraid every night, she was nauseated, because her body was reacting to the time of the day. We worked on the fact that she would always feel nausea and finally nausea subsided. For the past five years, I have been meeting a whole spectrum of human problems and I have found that there is no such thing, no suffering that can not be worked through in this way.

Even last year, the method functioned in a more complex version: the repetition of acceptance statements was crucial. – I saw, however, that some people find it difficult to say “ok, let it be” – he says. – I began to think about simplifying the formula. It turned out that asking the right questions, for which the answer is “yes” or “no”, gives even faster results. All in all, it’s about reaching out to the intelligence that we all have and helping her a little.

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