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Google Bolo app, Your child will learn Hindi and English for free

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As smartphone usage is increasing in rural India, Google is also constantly trying to spread education. In this direction, Google has tried to improve children’s reading ability. For rural teenagers, Google has launched a Google Bolo App In Hindi, through which children can read by speaking.

Tech company and Android operating system maker Google has launched Google Bolo app for children to learn Hindi and English. Early access to this app is currently available on the Play Store. This app is currently launched for Android devices only. You can use this app in all operating systems above Android KitKat version 4.4.

Google Bolo app will teach Hindi and English to primary school children. According to the company, this app will work on text-to-speech technology equipped with artificial intelligence. This app has been launched for Indian users only. As soon as you install this app, an animation character Dia comes in and motivates children to read stories. If the child is unable to pronounce a word, it helps to pronounce it. Apart from this, completing the story also increases the morale of the children.


Google India Product Manager Nitin Kashyap said, “We have designed this app in such a way that it can also work offline.” All you need to do is install this app of 50 MB. About 100 stories in Hindi and English have been given in it. ”You will be able to download this app from the Google Play store for free.

Kashyap further said that Google has developed this app by testing it in about 200 villages in Uttar Pradesh. He said that it has been offered after the results are encouraging. He said that other Indian languages ​​like Bengali are also being considered in the app.

Bolo app works offline also

This Google Bolo App In Hindi can be downloaded for free from Google’s Play Store and it also works offline. Google first launched it in India. In a way, this application is a boon for financially vulnerable rural teenagers.

According to Google, he hopes that Google Bolo App In Hindi will bring a big change in the field of education. And with the power of technology, the process of teaching and learning can be created through this App. This technique can be read and heard in writing by speaking in Hindi or English.

This Google Bolo App In Hindi can be easily used without any extra diligence. There are many stories and reading the material in this app, which is available for free. It works on speech recognition and text to speech techniques.

Diya in Bolo Google app

This app has many Bolo badges that are available as rewards. It also has an animated digital assistant named Diya. This assistant reads the text in a loud voice and suggests its meaning by converting it from English to Hindi. Diya can read Hindi in both languages along with English and also congratulates on completing the given task.

Two different children can also use it to make mutual comparisons. The app is currently available in beta form and is being tested in 200 villages in a district of Uttar Pradesh. In just 3 months more than 65 percent improvement has been seen by this app during the trial period. To increase the vocabulary, some more features are being added to this app.

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