Google’s 3 new camera apps

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We found three new Google applications. Specifically, it is about three camera apps that have been released for iOS and Android .
All these three apps are experimental software that seeks the integration and implementation of new functions in the camera of smartphones. We could say that it is an identical case to the one most recently known, the experimental Motion Stills app. It offered a video stabilization system in tests along with the ability to create GIFs.

These are three apps google have launched few weeks ago:-


Storyboard is only available for Android, and transforms our videos into single-page comic designs. We just have to record the video and upload it to the app, since it will automatically select the best moments for the comic, applying one of the six visual styles. Once created, we can save it, update it or create a new one.
Click here to download the app.


Selfissimo is available for both iOS and Android. This app is an automatic photographer that takes an elegant black and white photo every time we pose. We just have to touch the screen to start a photo session. The application encourages us to pose and captures a photo every time we stop moving. To end the session, we will have to touch the screen again.
Android: Click here to download the app.
iOS: Click here to download the app.


Scrubbies is only available for iOS, it allows you to easily manipulate the speed and direction of video playback to produce loops that highlight actions, capture funny faces and reproduce moments. We can record the video and mix it as if we were a DJ. Rubbing with one finger plays the video, rubbing with two fingers captures the playback so we can save or share it.
Click here to download the app

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