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Easy Home remedies for cough

easy home remedies for cough

A cough may be a symptom of various diseases, most often accompanied by a cold, flu or allergy. How to deal with it? Today we will let you know home remedies for cough.

The reasons for coughing vary. Wet usually appears as one of the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, dry can be indicative of allergies or asthma. Sometimes, however, clearing up results from more serious health problems such as reflux, lung disease, heart failure or even cancer. If the cough lasts for more than 6 weeks and is not accompanied by symptoms typical of influenza, cold or allergies, be sure to visit the doctor’s office. If the reason for coughing is known to us and harmless, in addition to prescribed medications, we can also use home methods. 

Syrup of garlic and onions 

This is one of the most well-known natural coughing methods, both wet and dry. The oils contained in garlic and onion have antibacterial and cleansing effect on the respiratory tract . Cut the clove of garlic and half of onion into tiny cubes, pour into a jar and pour liquid honey. You can also press a little lemon juice inside. Spin the jar and put it in a dark, cool place. After an hour, strain it through gauze and drink three times a day on a teaspoon.  

It is also worth reaching for other natural syrups. Plant ingredients that relieve cough include linden, pine, eucalyptus, Icelandic lichen, thyme, marshmallow, and coltsfoot.

Herbal syrups are safe and have a proven effect. Although they are available without a prescription, before taking or giving them to a child, we should consult a doctor or pharmacist to rule out possible interactions with other medications and determine the appropriate dose.  


Inhalations moisturize the mucosa, soothe irritation, scratching in the throat and coughing. If you are often ill, it is worth to buy a home inhaler (nebulizer), especially if there is a small child in the family. For nebulization, you can use only a water mist, salt solution or medicines prescribed by a doctor.  

Traditional steam inhalations will also help. We can use herbal infusions or essential oils for them (these products must not be used in nebulizers, because it can be dangerous for the lungs). It is enough for a few minutes to bend your head over a container with hot water or a brew. So that the couple will not run away, we cover our heads with a large towel.

Air humidification  

The dry air exacerbates the cough, so during illness or when the symptoms of allergy are severe, we should take care of the appropriate humidity in the rooms. Nothing stands in the way of using technology to support technology. The humidifier will come with help. You can search in google for humidifier if you think its really important in your thought.

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