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Here’s what burns fat on your stomach …

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have finally decided to answer the question that is crucial for the effectiveness of the New Year’s resolutions of many of us. In the magazine “Cell Metabolism” they revealed what determines that physical exercises help us to lose excess fat from the abdomen. It turns out that the preferred for us process is mediated by interleukin-6, one of the proteins that control the immune system. Unfortunately, the discovery of this truth does not change the fact that … you have to practice.

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Abdominal fat not only worsens our figure, but above all increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer or dementia. Generally, it shortens our lives. It is known that physical activity helps reduce its amount, but until now it was not known exactly what mechanism behind it. There were opinions that this process is controlled by epinephrine, the hormone responsible for the response of our body to stress and emergency situations. Researchers from Copenhagen decided to test a different hypothesis. They put on interleukin-6, a protein known to affect metabolism, stimulate the breakdown of fat and – what is important – excrete our skeletal muscles during exercise.

53 adults with abdominal obesity participated in the 12-week experiment. They were divided into four groups, which every four weeks were administered intravenously tocilizumab, a drug blocking the action of interleukin-6 or saline and which were asked to participate in a physical exercise program or not. With the help of nuclear magnetic resonance before and after the experiment, the amount of abdominal fat was examined in all of them.

In the placebo group and who exercised several times a week for 45 minutes on a bike, the fat percentage decreased by 225 grams or 8% on average. compared to those who received placebo and did not exercise. In people who received tocilizumab, the beneficial effect was lost, in the group exercising abdominal fat mass increased by an average of 278 grams. In addition, the drug increased the total cholesterol and the level of bad LDL cholesterol both in those who exercised and those who remained passive. 

The conclusion from our research is clear, you need to practice – emphasizes the first author of the work, Anne-Sophie Wedell-Neergaard from the University of Copenhagen. 

We all know that physical activity has a positive effect on our health, now we also know how it helps us to lose some abdominal fat, reducing the risk of so-called cardiometabolic diseases – he adds. 

The work does not explain all aspects of the action of interleukin-6 on adipose tissue, the authors admit that the mechanism is complex, and the level of this protein and its influence on inflammatory processes in healthy people and patients often differs. In the future, they intend to check whether interleukin-6 can affect the fact that our body uses fat or carbohydrates to produce energy in various circumstances. This knowledge could help in the future to support with this protein also our … New Year’s resolutions.