Honor 10 Lite – best price and perfect quality for selfie

HONOR 10 Lite officially debuts. Elegant design with a shimmering, gradient enclosure, front camera supported by artificial intelligence and advanced, flagship interior – all of this can be found in the latest model of the smartphone brand HONOR

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It is already – elegant, precisely made and smoothly passing colors. The close cousin of the flagship HONOR 10, despite the lightness in the name, is technologically advanced, filled with interesting solutions and precisely made with a smartphone at a sensational, recommended price of 265 USD.  

Perfect selfie

We find in it a front camera with high-resolution AI 24 Mp (with light f 2.0 in which you will discover a new face of a selfie.) Why? In  HONOR 10 Lite artificial intelligence solutions were used, and the camera itself recognizes as many as eight scene modes: blue sky, greenery, flowers, beach, stage, night, interior and winter landscape. The smartphone will choose the exposure time best suited to different scenes so that the picture is the most expressive. Innovation on the smartphone is an algorithm that recognizes the face in 3D mode and beautifies it regardless of the user’s age, sex and skin. Just move the Beauty Level slider and decide how much you want to unify the skin tone and smooth it. This feature also makes the acne lesions or bags under the eyes less visible, the faceless lit, the eyes are brightened and the teeth whiter. Selfie impresses with quality because the algorithms responsible for lighting are enhanced. They give the effect of a professional photographic studio.

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Difficult lighting conditions cease to be a problem when taking pictures. In  HONOR 10 Lite there is an innovative lighting technology that allows you to take higher quality photos even in low light. In the photos, more details are preserved with less noise at the same time. Our photos can be sharp and bright enough, despite the fact that we will be doing them eg in a dark room, shady park, on the beach in the evening or during a ceremony in a dark church. The rear cameras (two) are the main 13-megapixel (light f / 1.8) module and the 2-megapixel auxiliary module.  

Fun with sharpness and blurring of the background

On the smartphone, the user will find another solution taken from professional photography – the opportunity to play with a small depth of field and the bokeh effect (read from Japanese – bo-ke). This visually appealing way of giving a soft background (using the smartphone as the Veil mode) allows you to take photos, on which we shoot a sharp object parallel to the blurred background so that the larger part of the image is out of focus. Interestingly, we can decide on the level of this blur ourselves, as in professional SLRs. With this option, using a smartphone, we can take pictures of an almost professional photographer. It is worth mentioning that this feature, liked by smartphone users, is known for models from the higher price range.  

honor 10 lite

Gradient housing and high quality

The HONOR brand has created a full of youthful energy, a natural design. The stylish smartphone is made with great attention to detail. Elegance is added to the casing with smooth gradient gradients. The backs of the casing are made of up to eight layers with different colors of material! It gives a dazzling visual effect. In Poland we can choose from three HONOR 10 Lite color versions: Gradient Sky Blue, with interpenetrating colors from light gray to blue, Sapphire Blue, dominating blue and classic black – Midnight Black. The inspiration for the Sky Blue color model was smoothly changing colors of the cloudless sky on a sunny day. Thanks to the location of the fingerprint reader on the back of the smartphone, it is easier to handle it with one hand.  

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Saturated colors, as vivid

HONOR 10 Lite is equipped with a high-end FullView HD + (2340 x 1080) display with a diagonal of 6.21 inches. The display occupies more than 90% of the surface of the front panel, and the frame around the screen is very thin and subtle. This effect is achieved thanks to the COF technology that allows you to increase the ratio of the display size to the housing and reduce the frame around the display to a minimum. Notch in the shape of drops only surrounds the front camera. The use of the ARI Mali-G51 graphic layout ensures that the colors displayed on the screen are intense and with very high contrast.  

A strong and efficient player

HONOR 10 Lite is one of the strongest models of mid-range smartphones – its reliability is ensured by the Kirin 710 HiSilicon processor. Internal memory with a capacity of 64 GB allows you to freely save huge amounts of data, photos, favorite applications. The smartphone also supports microSD memory cards with a capacity of up to 512 GB, which allows you to use the device as a personal hard disk.  

honor 10 lite

New quality of use, long operation

On the HONOR 10 Lite board we will find the Android 9 Pie with the proprietary system overlay EMUI 9.0. It makes us able to use a wide range of functions, such as gestures, new applications and appreciate the more natural aesthetics of icons. Users will notice faster applications than in previous versions of the system and increased system performance – by 20%. Thanks to a significant reduction in energy consumption, one battery charge will last longer. EMUI 9.0 with a minimalistic, natural interface allows you to take full advantage of the FullView display capabilities.  

Beauty at every moment

HONOR 10 Lite is light only by name. It perfectly combines a modern and visually refined design with the power of technology. With  HONOR 10 Lite , we can easily make the perfect selfie, in any situation, regardless of time of day, place and circumstances, look exceptional. Can you want something more? 

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