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How safe are new cars?

Security technologies are currently one of the fastest-growing car industries. They watch over the course of the route, inform us when we should take a break, and even contact the security services themselves in crisis situations. We checked their capabilities on the example of the new BMX X4.

Safety is the most frequently discussed topic in modern cars. The development of technologies, intelligent systems and efficient computing processors allow us to create more and more sophisticated systems supporting us while driving. When the first solutions facilitating maneuvering and informing about the approaching obstacle were included in the safety standards, nobody has thought that only a dozen years later the car will be able to independently maintain the correct course of travel, and even avoid obstacles by itself.

Initially installed only in flagship models, today such solutions are slowly becoming a standard and an increasing number of manufacturers are opting to use them also in affordable cars. One of such brands is BMW and it was on the example of the recently released model X4 that we could look at them closely.  

A private assistant while driving

One of the most extensive options available in the new BMW is the constantly monitoring driving system. Together with the active speed regulator and lane assist assistant, it brings us somewhat into autonomy. Why in a sense? Well, because the driver is still required full attention, and above all presence in the car. The advantages of this solution include constant tracking of our route by means of cameras and warning in the event of leaving the lane or the emergence of a road hazard. If the car detects a danger, it will automatically brake, trying to minimize the effects of a collision as much as possible.

The same applies to the active speed regulator. It maintains the speed set by the driver and also controls the distance to the preceding vehicle. The car accelerates and decelerates depending on the situation and maintains a set distance even in slow traffic. The special Stop & Go function not only automatically adjusts the speed until a complete stop is possible, but also automatically accelerates to the desired speed in a short time, as soon as the road situation allows it. When combined with an additional lane assistant, the driving impression of an autonomous vehicle is very high. The tested BMW not only managed to drive alone between the belts, it was also able to overcome larger bows by itself, while still maintaining the set distance from other vehicles.

How safe are new cars

Of course, nothing is perfect and in the case of worse conditions on the road, or weakerly drawn belts, the system can get lost. That’s why BMW often reminds us of putting the hands on the wheel, still making the driver understand that the driver is the most important factor when driving.  

Support systems

One of the most common causes of accidents on the road is inattentiveness and non-adaptation of speed to conditions. Also here, the latest technologies come to the rescue, trying to help the driver in various ways. Among them, it is worth mentioning the well-known and widely used warning when changing lanes. In BMW, it operates on the basis of a radar recognizing vehicles in the blind corner of the mirror or approaching from the rear on the adjacent lane. A triangular warning symbol on the exterior mirrors informs about vehicles in the critical vision zone. If the driver still intends to change the lane and signals this maneuver by turning on the turn signal, the steering vibration and the flashing warning will warn him about the danger.

An equally useful function is warning at intersections. The car equipped with it recognizes road signs and warns the driver with an audible and visual signal. In addition, it prepares the brakes so that if you forget you can stop the vehicle as soon as possible.

In the case of excessive speeds, the Speed ​​Limit Info system is useful, which indicates the currently valid speed limit and information about possible overtaking. For this purpose, the camera in the rear-view mirror registers traffic signs. The controller compares this information with data from the navigation system and displays it on the main display.

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Control of our condition

Modern cars can also control our well-being. BMW does it with the help of the Active Protection system. This one not only can recommend appropriate breaks depending on signs of our fatigue, but also display the nearest parking spaces where we can safely relax. We learn about its operation shortly after launching. Shortly after take-off he tightens the seatbelts to fit the silhouettes of the travelers. In critical situations, the system itself rectifies electrically adjustable seats and closes windows and sliding roof. After the impact, the car is automatically braked to a complete stop.

Intelligent emergency call

But what happened when the collision occurred? Here, too, BMW will not leave us alone. If necessary, the vehicle will automatically connect to the nearest ambulance unit. In addition to the data on the current location of the car, information about the scale of the accident is also sent. An intelligent emergency call can also be made manually, for example to get help for other road users

Safe, but …

Despite the fact that many of these systems cannot be seen during everyday driving, the presence of their presence positively affects our journey. The awareness that the car constantly controls the course of our route, watches over our fatigue or is able to call for help in a critical case, awakens in us a sense of comfort. Assistance systems such as a lane assistant or active speed controller relieve us from excessive stress and fatigue to a large extent. It is worth remembering that they are all just a tool and how it happens with technology – it can fail at the least appropriate moment. Therefore, nothing can replace our own skills and focus while driving.

How safe are new cars?

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