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How to grow a Christmas cactus from cuttings? Reproduction, Cultivation

christmas cactus

First, be sure to take careful steps to Grow a Christmas cactus. let us describe in detail How to grow a Christmas cactus from cuttings? Reproduction, cultivation

Blooms beautifully during Christmas. Christmas cactus is also known as lump and Schlumberger. It has small requirements.

Other names: Grudnik, Christmas Cactus, Thanksgiving, Cactus, Szlumberger, Winter Szlumberger, Zygokaktus

Features: perennial (no spines)

The Christmas cactus blooms during Christmas. This is one of the easiest room flowers to grow. Summer likes to spend on the balcony or terrace (preferably in partial shade).
Height: 50 cm
The Christmas cactus is usually wider than tall. Its shoots hang slightly (the older the plant, the more). Therefore, Christmas cacti look best on shelves and flower beds so that the shoots can fall freely.

Flowers: white, cream, pink, purple, yellow, red and multicolored;
large (6-7 cm long)
Christmas cactus in April during the shortest days of the
year, i.e. from the end of November (XI) to mid-January (I).
Full flowering falls on the Christmas period.

The shape of the flowers of Christmas cacti resembles the bottom of the ball gowns. They are very beautiful.

Since the appearance of flower buds, you should avoid twisting the pot with Christmas cactus, because they may fall prematurely due to the change in the direction of light. At other times of the year, the Christmas cactus tolerates twisting the pot very well.

Odor: none
Leaves: green; sectional
The Christmas cactus in the leaves stores water and nutrients. Therefore, it tolerates overdrying.

  • Reproduction: shoot cuttings

The Christmas cactus is easily rooted. Just break off the shoot with several segments (preferably 5-7) and plant in the ground. It is best to choose shoots that already have small roots on the mother plant.

Best time to Grow Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus are best rooted from April to June (April- June) and in November and December (November-December).
Cutting: no need

A Christmas cactus can be pruned when it grows excessively and there is not enough space on the windowsill. 10-year-old specimens with a diameter of about 1meter are not uncommon.

How to grow a Christmas cactus from cuttings?

If the Christmas cactus needs cutting, you must always cut at the base of the leaf segment. You can do it at any time of the year.
Position: partial shade

Christmas cactus likes bright positions, but not in the full, hot sun. It grows well on windowsills from the west and east. On window sills from the south, it is best to slightly cover it, e.g. with a curtain.

The place and climate to cultivate Christmas cactus

It grows perfectly in both cold and overheated apartments in

Attention! The Christmas cactus blooms most abundantly
when in early autumn, i.e. at the turn of September and
October (September-October), it is not very warm (10-18
degrees Celsius). After tying flower buds, he likes to be warmer (18-23 degrees Celsius). Therefore, Christmas cacti bloom better when autumn is warm because then the heating season of apartments begins later.

The Christmas cactus likes to spend the summer outdoors.

Soil: average or fertile, well-drained; slightly acidic pH 5.5-6.5
Christmas cactus is very soil-tolerant.

  • Transplanting: Young plants every 1-2 years, Christmas cacti every 3-4 years
  • Christmas cactus can survive for many years without replanting.
  • However, then its leaf segments are wrinkled, grayish, and there are few or no flowers.
  • A neglected Christmas cactus surprises after replanting with a storm of flowers.
  • Christmas cacti are transplanted in March and April (III-IV) and August and September (VIII-IX).

Watering: low to moderate

  • Christmas cactus tolerates a lack of water better than its excess. It stores water in leaves.
  • The Christmas cactus needs the most water during flower buds and flowering.

After flowering, the Christmas cactus goes through a
period of rest, which lasts from February to April (II-IV).
Watering must be very economical during this time. By
excessive watering it is easy to destroy it.

Fertilization: every 2 weeks from May to December (V-XII)
Christmas cactus can be fed with fertilizer for flowering
houseplants: mineral (artificial) or natural, e.g. based on
droppings from earthworms or nettles.

Frost resistance: no or light frosts
Christmas cactus can survive frost, but if it has woody shoots at the base (i.e. old specimens). Young plants destroy every frost.

Diseases and pests: very resistant
Christmas cactus is very rare. Pests don’t like him. If it dries,
it is usually due to excessive watering.

The reason for the poor condition is also the salinity of the earth, which happens when the Christmas cactus is not exaggerated for years. Just replant such a plant to make it prosperous after a few weeks.

Interesting varieties of Christmas cactus

Gold Charm – yellow
White Christmas – white

Worth knowing
The Christmas cactus is native to South America. On window sills, hybrids of various species of this plant are usually grown (they easily cross).

In Europe, the Christmas cactus has been grown since the 19th century.
Easter cactus ( Hatiora gaertneri ) is also grown on window sills. It’s very similar to the Christmas cactus.
It blooms in spring during Easter.


If the Christmas cactus needs cutting, you must always cut at the base of the leaf segment. You can do it at any time of the year to grow a Christmas cactus from cuttings.

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