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Kia future car-Futuron Concept

Kia unveiled a studio model called Futuron Concept – a new SUV in a coup style equipped with four-wheel drive, which gives a taste of what future electric cars of the Korean brand can look like.

The Kia Futuron Concept measures 4850 mm in length and 1550 mm in height, and the wheelbase is 3000 mm. The increased ground clearance harmonizes with the low body and gives the car a dynamic look. The proportions of the body Futuron Concept provides a largely electric drive system with a large capacity battery that is located under the floor. Electricity goes to four engines, which are located directly at the wheels.

Sensors that serve as light sensors

kia future car-Futuron Concept

The front fender smoothly penetrates the cab, creating a kind of connection between the driver’s seat and the road in front of the car. A lot of natural light enters the interior of the car through a panoramic diamond-shaped glass roof that connects to the bonnet. It has a network of LiDAR sensors that serve as light sensors, determine the distance to the vehicle ahead and provide autonomous driving at level 4, i.e. without having to keep your hands on the steering wheel and watch the road in most situations.

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As was the case with the Imagine by Kia studio model shown at the beginning of 2019, Futuron Concept reveals the new design of future electric cars of the Korean brand. The “Tiger’s Nose” wider than before and the Star Cloud headlights give the car a new look both during the day and at night. The geometric mosaic of lighting in LED technology was also used at the back, making Futuron Concept easily recognizable also from the back.

Aviation seats-Kia future car

The two front seats are made of flexible materials and guarantee both upright driving position and tilted rest during autonomous driving mode. In terms of a wide range of regulations, they are similar to seats in the aviation business class. After starting the autonomous driving mode, the steering wheel hides in the desktop from the driver.

aviation seat kia futron

One of the most important features of the Futuron Concept cab is the “cockpit” built around the driver. The graphical interface “springs up” from the driver’s door and surrounds the steering wheel, connecting to the instrument cluster in the center of the dashboard and the display on the steering wheel. The interface is operated using augmented reality, displaying useful information about autonomous driving, the propulsion system and navigation.

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Futuron debuted today at the China International Expo 2019 in Shanghai, which runs until November 10.

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