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New Discovery in liver transplants

New Discovery in liver transplants

Researchers have developed a new procedure that can have a huge impact on liver transplants. With the help of a perfusion machine, the liver could be kept alive for 24 hours, allowing the body to be regenerated directly in the machine.

New Discovery in liver transplants

The British National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has issued guidelines on this technique, which is called an ex-vivo perfusion machine for extracorporeal liver protection for transplantation. No serious safety problems were identified. 

New Hope for liver patients

– This procedure gives new hope to patients in need of a liver transplant. It offers a different way to preserve the liver and assess whether the liver, which could be considered improperly used earlier, can be safely transplanted. The latest evidence collected by NICE has shown that the procedure works well and can be safely proposed to patients – said Kevin Harris, program director at NICE.

A few months ago, scientists announced that research was in progress with more than 20 patients. The results will be published soon, but the innovative machine is a huge hope for those waiting for a liver transplant. 

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It is estimated that 11,000 people die in England each year due to end-stage liver disease. The latest data show that 22 percent. people waiting for a liver transplant died or were removed from the waiting list because their health deteriorated so badly.


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