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Germany: Controversial love for avocados

Germans undoubtedly love for avocados. Imports of these fruits have increased fivefold over the decade. There are also reasons to criticize.

Avocados belong to the so-called superfood, i.e. superfood. These are natural, unprocessed products, very rich in nutrients, extremely beneficial to health.

Compared to the level of ten years ago, avocado imports to Germany are five times higher. These are the results of market analyzes published by the Federal Statistical Office. In 2018, about 94,000 were brought to Germany tons of this fruit.

The value of avocados imported into Germany also increased significantly – from 32 million euros in 2008 to 270 million euros ten years later. Last year most of these fruits came from Peru (28,000 tons), Chile (16,000 tons), and Spain (12,000 tons).

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Tough love for avocados

It is estimated that last year global fruit crops reached 5 million tonnes worth USD 9.3 billion. The global popularity of avocados, however, also has negative effects. Its cultivation requires large amounts of water. A thousand liters is needed to collect about 3 kg. In addition, forests are burned for the needs of subsequent avocado fields in many countries.

Avocados are grown mainly in South America. The long transport of fruit to other continents is criticized, which results in leaving the so-called carbon footprint.

What’s more, crops in the Mexican region of Michoacán, which produces 80 percent. Mexican avocados (and this country is the largest source of this fruit in the world – 1.8 million tonnes last year), are heavily controlled by gangs associated with the drug business.

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