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Nipsey Hussle is dead. The rapper was shot

Nipsey Hussle is dead

Nipsey Hussle is dead. The rapper was fatally shot by an unknown perpetrator in front of his clothing store in Los Angeles. Two other people were injured in the shooting.

Nipsey Hussle is dead

The 33-year-old rapper Nipsey Hussle is dead. Television NBC News reported that around 4:30 pm local time, in a shootout in front of the rapier shop Marathon clothing, an unknown striker gave several shots in the direction of people there. One of them was rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was posing with a child for a moment before shooting. The musician was revived on the spot, then he was taken to the hospital, but the doctors failed to save him. In addition, two people were injured.

Local police departments are looking for a black man aged about 20, who, according to witnesses of the tragedy, had to approach a group of people gathered in front of the store, take a few shots towards them and move away to a car standing ready to escape. The police say that the reason for the shooting could have been gangster scores (the rapper was associated with the Crips gang). “Having strong enemies is a blessing,” he wrote on Twitter less than two hours before his death. The rapper has orphaned two children.

Artists mention Nipsey Hussle

The death of Nipsey Hussle touched the American rap environment. Entries mentioning the rapper include Drake, Rihanna, J. Cole, Pharrell Williams and many other artists.

Nipsey Hussle – more than an artist

Nipsey Hussle has been active on the scene for over a dozen years. In February 2018 he released his debut album “Victory Lap”, which went to five records nominated for the Grammy for the best rap album of 2018. The rapper was an important member of the Crenshaw community, helping in many local pro-social initiatives. Nipsey Hussle was involved in the “Destination Crenshaw” project, an outdoor art gallery with works by local artists. Recently, he also helped launch Vector 90 – a training center and workspace dedicated to the development of science and technology education in the district. Thanks to cooperation with Puma, one of the basketball pitches at Crenshaw was repainted by local artists, and the nearby primary school received a check for 10,000 dollars.

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