Who is Santa Claus? – Discover his true story

who is santa claus

Santa Claus is associated with everything with a red outfit and hat and with the fact that he flies with presents on the great sleigh harnessed by reindeers. This image of Saint Nicholas is nothing more than a fake creation created by pop culture and the trade industry. What is the

Kia future car-Futuron Concept

kia futuron concept car

Kia unveiled a studio model called Futuron Concept - a new SUV in a coup style equipped with four-wheel drive, which gives a taste of what future electric cars of the Korean brand can look like. The Kia Futuron Concept measures 4850 mm in length and 1550 mm in height,

Germany: Controversial love for avocados

Germany: Controversial love for avocados

Germans undoubtedly love for avocados. Imports of these fruits have increased fivefold over the decade. There are also reasons to criticize. Avocados belong to the so-called superfood, i.e. superfood. These are natural, unprocessed products, very rich in nutrients, extremely beneficial to health. Compared to the level of ten years ago, avocado imports to Germany

Turmeric -How to use it as medicine?

Turmeric -How to use it as medicine?

Turmeric or Indian saffron is a spice from the same family as ginger, has similar properties, and even its rhizome shape resembles ginger. It is characterized by a fairly distinct taste, aroma reminiscent of saffron and an intense, beautiful golden-orange color. Ayurveda recommends turmeric for diseases like joint pain, liver

Know When, Where and How to see the PAK vs SL World Cup match

PAK vs SL World Cup match -Today's match will be played between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the 2019 Cricket World Cup held in England and Wales. This is the third match of both teams in this World Cup.  In the first match of the World Cup, West Indies had crumbled

BenQ projector – instead of buying a 4K TV

banq projector

BenQ launches the 4K HDR BenQ W1720 projector, an improved version of the W1700 model on the market. The projector works in DLP technology and offers real 4K resolution (3840x2160).  The precision of color reproduction is ensured thanks to CinematicColor technology and supports HDR (HDR10 and HLG) optimized for projectors. For displaying

Cbse results 2019 Approaching fast

CBSE 10th Result 2019 Date: 10th result will come soon CBSE 10th Result 2019 Date: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) can issue 10th result on May 5 on its official website. Students and students can view their results on the official website cbseresults.nic.in and cbse.nic.in. Although earlier it was announced

How much Google knows? Google must answer these questions until May 7

qustions to google

The US Congress has issued an open letter asking Google Director General Sundar Pichai to explain in detail why his company maintains a database containing accurate information about the location of hundreds of millions of consumers Helps police in criminal investigations The database - for internal purposes called

How to vote in India? Check online If you are registered

Below Are a few steps, you will know how to vote in India? Also, Check online If you are registered/ If I am registered. If you are not registered then register online with these methods How to vote in India? Voting Process at Polling Booth . 1.  The first officer will see

Why earth day is celebrated?

Earth Day 2019 is celebrated every year on April 22. On the occasion of Earth day, people are made aware about environmental protection, while people also take the pledge to improve the environment. World Earth Day is being celebrated all over the world today. Earth Day (Earth Day 2019) was first celebrated

Chicken Egg: How do they really affect our health? -2019

chicken egg

Today, We all know that chicken egg is the most common superfood, a product that has many advantages! Many properties can surprise you! Many people still think that the number of eggs cannot be overdone. One, two a week? Oh no! WHO (World Health Organization) today recommends a healthy adult eating

How to save electricity? 10 ideas in 2019

how to save electricity

There are many different ways to reduce your household’s electricity use, ranging from simple behavioral adjustments to extensive home improvements. The two major motives to save electricity are to save on utility bills and protect the environment. How to save electricity? Today we are going to introduce 10