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A spot of blood in the egg. What is its really?

A red spot of blood in the egg is found sometimes which raises many fears. There is a theory that it is a chicken embryo that has not developed. Sounds a bit gruesome and effectively discourages many people to eat such an egg. Meanwhile, the truth is completely different.

spot of blood in the egg

You break the egg into an omelette and notice a dark spot. The color is reminiscent of red blood. Such a situation is nothing unprecedented and it happens from time to time. What is this dark spot in the egg? And whether it is safe to eat or is it better to throw away?

A small amount of blood may also appear in a chicken egg that has never been fertilized. The dark spot has nothing to do with the germ. It’s just a small amount of chicken blood, which due to the rupture of the blood vessels found in the ovary or oviduct of the chicken.

Red spot of blood in the egg

Can you eat eggs with a small amount of blood? There are no unambiguous indications that such eggs should not be eaten. Cracking of blood vessels in chickens can have various causes. Eggs with blood stains usually consist of older hens at the end of the cycle or very young ones that have just started it. Sometimes it is genetically conditioned or it is the result of chicken stress. It may also be associated with an inadequate diet (vitamin A and D deficiency) or liver or cardiovascular disease. With this knowledge, many people, in any case, decides to give up eating such eggs.

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The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is of the opinion that such red spot of blood in the egg can be eaten without fear if they have been heat-treated. You can remove a small amount of blood and continue to prepare the egg as usual. Nothing prevents us not to get rid of it and eat an egg – USDA provides.

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