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Sony a6400 – a new generation mirrorless camera with AI

Sony unveiled the new generation a6400 camera, equipped with the functions “Real-time Eye Autofocus” and “Real-time Tracking” and the fastest in the world system

Sony a6400 – a new generation mirrorless camera

The APS-C α6400 body is equipped with many advanced Sony technologies, derived from full-frame models. The distinguishing features of the new camera are the fastest AF system in the world, focusing in 0.02 seconds, and new, advanced features “Real-time Eye Autofocus” and “Real-time Tracking”. The device allows serial shooting at up to 11 fps and AF / AE automation, and includes, among other things, a next generation BIONZ X image processor, providing excellent image quality, 4Kvi movie recording function and a full 180 ° tiltable LCD touch screen.

The object tracking system

The AF system of the new α6400 model uses many technologies from the latest full-frame Sony cameras: α9, α7R III and α7 III. The new body is equipped with 425 AF points with phase detection and 425 AF points with contrast detection, densely covering about 84% of the frame. Object tracking system AF was combined with the new generation BIONZ X image processor. As a result, the camera focuses in just 0.02 seconds and maintains it very effectively on different objects. This allows you to easily track and record even fast traffic.

The Real time eye Auto focus

The α6400 introduces the “Real-time Eye Autofocus” feature: the latest, advanced version of Sony Eye AF technology. The innovative solution is based on artificial intelligence that recognizes objects to detect eyes and analyze their position in real time. The result is greater efficiency, speed and accuracy of the Eye AF function. In all AF modes, the shutter release button can be configured to half-turn Eye AF and automatic eye detection.

Sony α6400 - a new generation mirrorless camera

In AF-C and AF-A modes it is also possible to indicate the preferred eye (left or right) to which you want to focus. The settings Auto, Right eye and Left eye are available. In addition, as a user-defined function, you can choose to switch between the left / right eye. The new technology allows the photographer to focus only on the composition of the shot – and confidently entrust the camera with focusing. In the summer of 2019, another version of the internal software will be released. It will extend the operation of the Eye AF system on the eyes of animals, greatly facilitating the work of wildlife photographers.

Real time tracking AI

The α6400 body will also feature Sony’s real-time tracking mode: “Real-time Tracking”. The basis of its operation is the latest Sony algorithm, recognizing objects using artificial intelligence and processing color, distance from the object (depth) and pattern (brightness) as spatial information to enable very accurate capture of all elements of the scene.

In addition, when photographing and filming people and animals, the artificial intelligence technology determines the location of the eyes and face, thanks to which the object’s eyes are tracked in real time with exceptional accuracy. This function can be activated by half pressing the shutter release button or as a user function.

Capturing the best moments

The new camera allows you to shoot at up to 11 fps, using a mechanical shutter and constantly tracking focus and exposure. In the quiet picture mode, the maximum speed with continuous AF / AE tracking is 8 fps. You can register up to 116 frames in JPEG Standard format or up to 46 frames in RAW format with compression at both speeds. This significantly increases the chances of capturing the best moment.

24.2 Megapixel

The new Sony α6400 body is equipped with a 24.2-megapixel and APS-C image sensor. Combining it with a modernized BIONZ X image processor resulted in improved image quality and color in all shooting conditions. In standard mode, the maximum sensitivity for shooting and filming is ISO 32 000; when taking pictures, this value can be increased to ISO 102 400. Attention is paid to very effective noise reduction at medium and large sensitivity settings.

Sony α6400 - a new generation mirrorless camera

Many of the image processing algorithms used in the camera have been borrowed from the latest full-frame Sony cameras, achieving a much lower level of interference, unchanged resolution and more faithfully mapped invoices.

4k movies

The α6400 universal body is also a video camera that allows the internal recording of 4K movies (QFHD: 3840 x 2160). Filming the camera reads all pixels without joining them into groups, recording 2.4x more data than needed to generate a 4K image. This data is then converted to 4K material with exceptional detail and depth. Fast and stable focusing during filming is thanks to the improved Fast Hybrid AF technology.

Also Camera for bloggers

Thanks to it, the main theme remains sharp regardless of the type of the scene, even if it is overridden by a moving object. This advanced AF system combined with the touch focus function makes the camera ideal for bloggers and creators who regularly create content and publish it on the web.

With the idea of ​​creating time-lapse movies, the camera is equipped with an interval recording mode in which the user can set the interval from 1 to 60 seconds and perform from 1 to 9999 photos. There will also be three AE tracking sensitivities to choose from: large, medium and small. They will allow you to limit changes in exposure between individual photos.

The presented model is the first APS-C Sony mirrorless camera that allows you to select the HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) image profile. This profile is intended for use in the “Instant HDR” workflow system, enabling the display of beautiful, realistic 4K HDR images [x] on a TV compatible with HDR (HLG) technology. S-Log2 and S-Log3 gamma curves are also available, increasing flexibility when adjusting colors, and the “zebra” function, assisting in gamma display and creating proxy files. The camera also allows you to record Full HD movie footage at 120 fps, with focus tracking and up to 100 Mb / s bit rate. Such a recording can be later processed into a video capture in Full HD, displayed in a 4 or 5 times slow motion.

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To ensure maximum freedom of movement for the users, the designers of the camera took care of its functionality and easy adaptation to individual needs. The α6400 body is therefore equipped with a full 180 °, 3-inch LCD touch screen with a resolution of 921 thousand. pixels, enabling efficient composition of photographic and cinematographic shots in a selfie convention. Constant control over the composition of the shot will facilitate the creative process for the authors of video blogs. The LCD screen also responds to touch and can work in touch panel mode, touch focus and touch shutter release, and in the new “Touch Tracking” mode – tracking the focus of the part indicated by touching.

The camera is also equipped with a high-quality XGA OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder, 8 custom buttons, which can be assigned a total of 89 functions, new My Dial functions (My wheel menu settings) and My Menu (custom menu), more functional menus, help screens for menu, image rating system with asterisks and many other features that make shooting easier. The camera body is made of a strong magnesium alloy and protected against dust and moisture. Exceptional durability is distinguished by the shutter: its expected durability is about 200,000 cycles [xiv]. Thanks to the new application Imaging Edge Mobile [xv] it is also possible to efficiently transfer files to a connected smartphone or tablet.

Prices and availability

The α6400 will appear in stores in February 2019. A set with the SELP1650 lens and a set with the SEL18135 lens will also be available for purchase.

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