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3 steps to take care of kidneys

take care of kidneys

We must Take care of kidneys because the condition of the whole organism depends on their condition. If kidneys are sick, all organs start to function badly so we need to take care of kidneys to live longer. lets take highlights:

  • Start by introducing vegetables into the menu that will stimulate kidney function
  • Some seasonal fruits will work, such as strawberries…..
  • Herbs will also stimulate the process of removing urea, because when the kidneys are less efficient, then its concentration in the blood increases
  • Hot bath with ginger

It is said that healthy kidneys mean shiny hair and elastic skin, and above all, strong bones. This is because renal function affects the functioning of other organs. They control the amount of body fluids and the concentration of ions in the blood. Thanks to them, the alkaline-acid balance and the proper level of sodium are preserved. What is unnecessary or in excess is excreted. Therefore, if the kidneys begin to fail, the blood is not sufficiently cleansed and reaches other organs with toxins and waste metabolism.

 In a word, when the kidneys work is disturbed, then the whole organism is poisoned. Look at your nails. When the kidneys do not work as it should, tiny white spots may appear on the nails. And what about visits to the toilet – the last time you give urine? That should make you worried. The facial edema is also alarming arms and legs. Your body unnecessarily stores excess water. If you feel constant tiredness, lack of concentration, nausea, and the skin is flaky and every day you have bags under your eyes, it is a sign that you need to help your kidneys to better manage body fluids.

3 steps to take care of kidneys :

FIRST STEP-Vegetables & Fruits

Start by introducing vegetables into the menu that will stimulate kidney function. Reach for celery, dill, parsley, eggplant, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, onions, garlic. They are diuretic, so they have a dehydrating effect. Cleansing the kidneys will be more effective if you prepare with juice – a monocyte or combining, for example, carrots with celery and parsley. It’s a good idea to start each day of treatment with drinking juice on an empty stomach.

 Like diuretic vegetables, some seasonal fruits will work, such as strawberries, wild strawberries, gooseberries, especially mixed with blueberries, pears and cranberries. They not only refresh and quench thirst, but also accelerate the metabolism and help in removing toxins. Vegetable and fruit juices are best to drink three times a day for half a glass before meals. Such treatment should last 10-14 days to take care of kidneys.

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Now it’s time for herbs. They are to counteract the retention of water in the body. Over the next two weeks, make infusions of diuretic plants: nettle, birch and knotweed. They will also help to rinse toxins and kidney sand. The more intensive drainage of water from the body will combat swelling and edema and help reduce blood pressure.

take care of kidneys

 Herbs will also stimulate the process of removing urea, because when the kidneys are less efficient, then its concentration in the blood increases. And this is very dangerous, because the body then poisons quickly. But detox is not everything, because the herbs will also work bacteriocidal. Effectively also inhibit inflammatory processes in the urinary and digestive systems.

Steps for preparing

You can buy them in the form of tea for brewing (1-2 sachets per glass) or dried for making infusions. Half a liter of boiling water is used to pour 1 tablespoon of herbs and leave to stretch undercover for 10-15 minutes (all herbs in separate vessels). After strain, each of the infusions should be drunk 1/4 cup 3 times a day, preferably before a meal or a snack (for the infusion to be cold, you can add boiling water).

 However, be careful not to exceed 2-3 glasses of infusion per day. Diuretic herbs work with varying intensity, but drinking them in greater quantities may be at risk of dehydration. In pharmacies there are also ready-made herbal mixtures for improving kidney function. Such complex preparations can be consumed only after consultation with a pharmacist or internist, as some of the herbs may adversely affect co-morbidities.

STEP THREE- Hot bath with Ginger

Last week of treatment is time for tasty and refreshing snacks from watermelon to take care of kidneys. The more times a day, the better for the kidneys. Because eating this fruit in large amounts, urine and toxins will be excreted more often. It is important to warm the kidneys with hot baths or poultices at this time.

Wraps will not only stimulate you energetically, but will also affect the circulation of body fluids. How to do it? Just boil 4 liters of water in a pot, then throw in ginger(one root) and heat for a quarter of an hour (without boiling). Now you need to wet the towel in a drained liquid and place it on your back at the height of the kidneys. For a wet compress it is best to put dry towels and cover with a blanket. 

When the temperature of the compress falls, the towel should be dipped again in ginger decoction and the compress should be repeated. After this 10-15 minute session, a red reaction appears on the skin of the back. Probably it will be uneven, because it depends on the work of each kidney separately. But red skin is a good sign – the kidneys have been stimulated to work. Wraps should be repeated for 7 to 10 days. Decoction on average lasts for 2-3 days, then you have to prepare a new one.

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