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The largest hydroplane in the world . video inside

The largest hydroplane in the world video inside
The largest hydroplane in the world

The largest hydroplane in the world, that is, airplanes. Which are adapted to take off and land from the water surface? IT  is starting to grow again? All thanks to the Chinese construction. Which is not only the largest seaplane in the world. But can also take off and land on water and on land (runway).0007UC3J03DN5SJC-C122-F4

The largest hydroplane AG600 (Kunlong) is a prototype of an amphibious aircraft. Developed since 2009 by the state Corporation of the Aviation Industry. The machine is similar in size to the Boeing 737. It is powered by four turboprop engines. it develops a speed of up to 560 km / h. has a range of 4500 km and can stay in the air for 12 hours.

The AG600 hydroplane is suitable for takeoff and landing on water and at the airport. There are up to 50 people on board. The aircraft can take 12 tons of water in 20 seconds. The world’s largest amphibious aircraft will be used in search and rescue operations as well as in extinguishing fires. But in the future, various versions will be created, including military applications.

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   The largest hydroplane in the world’s flights

The first flight of the Chinese seaplane took place in December 2017. The AG600 took off and landed at the airport in Zhuhai, Guangdong province. The flight was a complete success.

In October 2018, the hydroplane took off successfully and landed on the surface of the reservoir water. Which is located west of the city of Jingmen in the province of Hubei. This flight has also been successful, which means that work on the amphibious project will end soon.

In 2021, the AG600 should receive a certificate, and in 2022. The Aviation Industry Corporation will deal with the delivery of seaplanes to customers. The Chinese government is showing the greatest interest. But some island states, such as Malaysia and New Zealand. Also, intend to acquire these aircraft.

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