The most powerful USB cable. Manufacturer promises a lifetime warranty

How to stand out in times of perishable products? The originators of the cable decided to design something in spite of commonly applicable trends. They offered the most powerful USB cable in the world. Only if such a product makes any sense?

powerful usb cable

The assumptions adopted by designers of the Crave USB cable are extremely ambitious. The most powerful USB cable in the world – it sounds proud. Easy to announce, it’s harder to meet such a challenge. How did they deal with him?

Their work is copper shielded cables in a fancy braid. It used Crave fibers called 4orce, which uses, as is clear from the specifications, an “advanced organic compound called phenylenediamine”, which is then covered with nylon.

powerful usb cable

Cable for special tasks

Because, as the respected Nobel Prize winner noted, “we know so much about ourselves, how much we have been checked”, the Crave cable underwent effective tests . An American wrestler and footballer, Bill Goldberg, was involved with them. Strongman among others he was towing a DC-3 transport plane remembering the times of the second war .

The cable has also proven itself as a harness during balloon flights (lifting capacity – probably static – cable is 100 kg), not to mention the standard tests that cables are subjected to when checking the resistance to multiple bending. Manufacturers guarantee that the Crave cable will withstand at least 100,000 bends.

All this resulted in the “most powerful USB cable in the world”, offered in several versions, differing in plugs (available USB-C – USB-C, USB-A – USB-C and Lightning – USB-C), length and braid. Worth noting is also the fact that each cable is offered with a practical reel, allowing easy winding and transport or storage of the cable. What’s more, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty, though in a small print, it adds that it applies only to the typical use of the cable during charging and data transmission.

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What do we need USB cables for?

At this point, one should applaud the idea and be delighted with it. Only if an unbreakable USB cable makes sense? Attempts to submit it and proven durability are impressive. The problem is that they do not have much in common with the daily operation and the real challenges that USB cables around the world face .

I have no intention of jumping with him on parachute. I am not planning to tow a plane with the help of a rented strongman – there are better solutions for this. The same as for balloon flights . Like the vast majority of mankind, I lead a boring and predictable life enough to assume that the opportunity will not arise to use the extraordinary strength of the Crave cable. And then, when I actually try to tow the plane, I will have better tools for me given the given situation.

Impressive, but a bit senseless

That’s why I include the Crave cable in this category of objects. Which – yes – they are impressive, and in the first place almost every shout “I want it”. Nice to receive them as a gift or show them off to your friends. However, when you have to spend your own money on it (from $ 35 for 1.2 m and $ 40 for 3 m), there is the reflection that it is – indeed – a very nice gadget, but at the same time an example of over-development of the form over the content.

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