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The wearable keyboard a unique device -with price and all details

Imagine, in the future, that you will not need more than any type of keyboard to write in a virtual environment or an accessibility tool such as a mouse. The TAP project seeks to replace the typical use of a keyboard and a mouse through the Bluetooth connection and what is better is that it works through gestures.

The QWERTY keyboard and the mouse we know will soon get lost.

Although it seems unthinkable that in the near future the use of the typical keyboard and mouse will be somewhat obsolete and will be left aside, even more so with the TAP project, which reflects an important advance in this concept, since it is already a reality.

Currently, the new portable Bluetooth keyboard TAP is recently marketed for a price of $149.99 and promises to be a major revolution with respect to the devices that we have been using for decades to manage our computers.

The TAP strap is designed to slide through your fingers like a glove and the sensors inside are responsible for analyzing the movements we make. It can also be placed near the knuckles, according to its manufacturer TAP Systems.


This is not the only incredible thing about this device

What makes this device unique is the control generated from the hand, and the rings inserted in our fingers. Obtaining the ability to perform basic actions, such as entering words or moving the mouse cursor from anywhere.

Knowing that the innovation and creation of wireless mice and keyboards were a novelty highlighted until now, by not relying on cables to use them, TAP assumes that it is one step ahead of all this.

This awesome device is compatible via Bluetooth with tablets, computers with Android and iOS operating systems, or smart TVs, and other devices with Windows 10 and Mac OS X. It is also equipped with a rechargeable battery capable of providing up to eight hours of operation with a single charge.

It should be noted that, in the official Android and iOS app stores, you can download the complimentary app to use TAP and get more out of its functions. According to Ran Poliakine, founder of TAP Systems: “It can be used for music players and Virtual Reality gears.”

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