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Toilet or smartphone – where are more germs lurking?

Toilet or smartphone – where are more germs lurking?

The smartphone has become a necessary part of our daily lives and follows us everywhere. Its surface comes into contact with all sorts of germs. so we will let you know where are more germs toilet or smartphone?

Toilet or smartphone

Whether at the dining table, in the waiting room, on the bus or on the toilet: For many, the phone is always there. Researchers of the ” Mental Balance Project ” at the University of Bonn say that we turn on the screen of our smartphone an average of 88 times a day. 

Toilet or smartphone
Close-up of hand scrolling down on smartphone

We often type around the screen without washing our hands first. Since our hands are among the main carriers and transmitters of germs and bacteria, it is no surprise that many germs land on their smartphone

The ” New York Times ” now cites a study , according to which on a cell phone of US students up to 17,000 bacteria-like creatures frolicking. Researchers at the University of Arizona found that smartphones contain ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat. 

However, Emily Martin, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health, gives the all-clear: Most of the germs found are harmless and pose no threat to health, as our healthy microbial flora consists of numerous microbes and most the germs on the phone to that strain counted.

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From the toilet to the dining table

However, since we are not in a sterile environment, it is quite possible that we also spread pathogens via smartphone. For example, if we cough during a phone call and then give the device to someone else to show the person something. Or have the device on the toilet with us and then put it on the dining table. This is roughly comparable to the bacterial load if you do not wash your hands after using the toilet, so Martin. 

While we wash our hands after going to the bathroom and clean our home more often or even disinfect it, the smartphone remains dirty for many. Or how often do you sterilize your phone?

But this is not necessary in the end – who washes his hands regularly and thoroughly, also has a clean smartphone. If you still want to clean it: The study guides recommend cleaning with a water-alcohol mixture. 


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