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Google will present the “vision of the future” of video games

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We have known for some time that Google representatives will appear at the Game Developers Conference this month to show the world something related to video games” vision of the future”. Now even a special video for the heating of the atmosphere has been published. I am talking about the ‘vision of the future’ of video games.

Google / AFP
Goolge /AFP

Such acceleration of the Google marketing machine seems to suggest that the corporation responsible, among others, for the most popular search engine in the world has large and significant plans for video game lovers and does not intend to save on the promotion of the event.

Tuesday 19 , march

We will meet at the conceptions this Tuesday, 19 March. That’s when the company’s representatives will appear on the stage to announce their plans. If we can not appear in San Francisco this day, there are also live broadcasts via the network.

“Live broadcasts over the network” seem to be a very important phrase, because one – probably the main – part of Google’s presentation will probably Project Stream, which is a game streaming service tested some time ago – transferring the game image directly to players over the network.

Closed tests were conducted in October, restricted to US users. The assumptions were very simple: a strong internet connection was enough, as well as a computer with a Chrome browser. Played at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey from Ubisoft.

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Already in February last year, the first information appeared, according to which Google was looking for a partner for development technology. It seems that Ubisoft – not describing streaming as a future – could not miss such an opportunity. However, no one expected such a large title to start.

Trousers playing games

The goal is now to solve the most important issue trousers playing games sent over the network. In this way, our monitor does not get as much “clean” gameplay as its image – in the form of video. The creators want to eliminate problems with the quality of transmission or to catch up, interrupting the fun.

The most important problem will probably never be solved. Creators technology before the start of the tests, they warned that those signing up for fun at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey should have a connection with a minimum bandwidth of 25 megabits.

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