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Water – the source of life

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Water is the main component of our cells: a human being in three-quarters consists of water. It is not different in nature: 75 percent. the surface of the Earth is water. What role does it play for sustenance life?

Water, although it is not an energy component (does not contain calories), is essential for the proper course of most life processes. It is difficult to over estimate its role and importance to health in every aspect. It is necessary for the proper functioning of all cells. It creates an environment for biochemical reactions, transports nutrients, hormones, enzymes and, above all, regulates the temperature body.


It is relatively cheap, hence we often underestimate its significance. And the most sophisticated coffees or teas will not arise or have a chance to become a substitute for it.

How much do you need to drink?

It is worth taking care of the positive water balance. What does it mean? We must provide the body with as much water as we expel. Every day we lose water with sweat, urine, feces and exhaled air. In total, it is about two liters during the day. It must be remembered that the excretion of water from the body is greater, for example, during hot weather. An adult person can then lose up to five liters of water and drink it.

What can we replace with water?

The mistake that many of us commonly make is replacing water with coffee or black tea. You need to know that fatigue and drowsiness are often the first signs of dehydration. Many of us instinctively reach for a small black one. Unfortunately, neither coffee nor black tea does not irrigate cells – both liquids have a strong acid reaction. After drinking them, we should reach for a glass of water. If the taste of water is not our favorite, we can enrich it with lemon juice, mint leaves or pieces of frozen fruit. These are perfect solutions for the hot months of the year.

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And what to do in winter when we feel like warm drinks? We can still substitute the water with herbal teas, for example from fennel, mint, chamomile. Green tea also works well. It is in the interest of each of us to water the body, and our health and fitness depend on its level of the body.

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