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Zuckerberg wants total control. WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram will be integrated

Is this the end of whatsapp? we will have a revolution.

There are several very popular applications for Facebook, including two messengers from the top – Messenger and WhatsApp. Soon, According to informants from inside the company, communicators will be connected by a common infrastructure, and by the way will absorb Instagram. This is not a surprise. Integration has been going on for months.

The strategy of Facebook was described by four people involved in the changes. The reason is allegedly the lack of control over independently developing products at a time when Facebook has big image and business problems . However, it will be a very difficult task, requiring the cooperation of several thousand Facebook employees.

 It is necessary to change the entire infrastructure and the functioning of communicators at the most basic level. The transformation is to be completed at the beginning of 2020. Also the most important goal on Mark Zuckerberg’s personal list.

Is is profitable ?

From the business point of view, the decision seems unprofitable and will require a titanic effort. If everything goes as planned. Facebook will get a universal, engaging user tool that will stop millions of people in a single ecosystem. Google and Apple will have a serious competitor, but according to initial analyzes, the changes will not attract new users.

 We do not know yet how to make instant messengers. For a long time, there have been rumors about commercials in WhatsApp and plans can be extended to a uniform communication platform of Facebook. Informers claim that Zuckerberg’s plan is very imprecise.

There is also good news. Mark Zuckerberg commissioned each communicator to use end-to-end encryption . This is good news from the point of view of privacy protection. Thanks to this, third parties will not be able to read conversations. At least in theory, because as we know, there is no software without gaps.

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The theoretical advantage of the merger will be the ability to communicate with people who currently use a different messenger. This means that a person using the Messenger will be able to easily talk to friends who only have WhatsApp . Messengers are still to be available as separate applications.

 The conversation will, of course, be encrypted. The new communicator is supposed to be reliable and safe, although the privacy behavior in it is quite doubtful. WhatsApp users only register their phone number, Messenger and Facebook require real personal data. It’s hard to say if it can be reconciled.

Even if this decision is a great communication tool, many people will not forgive this move for Zuckerberg. When Facebook took over WhatsApp and Instagram. New acquisitions were supposed to operate autonomously. It turned out, however, that their user bases are growing while Facebook users are running away. 

Number of instagran and whatsapp users

Instagram registers a billion active users per month, WhatsApp 1.5 billion. This probably convinced Zuckerberg of the need for better integration. The founders of Instagram to leave the company in the autumn of 2018. Because of the great uncertainties in Zuckerberg’s plans. Many of WhatsApp’s current programmers are gone or are planning to leave.

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