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WhatsApp’s new Update Enables Voice-To-Video Call Switching, Addition of Group Description !!


Along with Group Description, the update also scores another important feature that allows users to search for members in any group. The group description feature for WhatsApp is now rolling out for both Android and iOS users.

There is some good news for WhatsApp users on Android as new features have been added to the chat app that are sure to make users happy. The latest update will now enable WhatsApp users to switch to video call whenever their device is getting ample Wi-Fi or mobile internet speed.

The Group Description, new group-focused features, it will allow the users of a group to add the description to the group. The new features have already been made available to the beta users, now stable version users can enjoy these new features.

Description can be added to the group by going to the group info screen and tapping on “Add group description” option which is available below the group name. Recently, the company added the ability to add Group Description in its beta version of the app.

It is noteworthy that anyone in the group can change the Group Description, much like how the group name works. Once the description is added or changed, members get a notification about the same. The description can be as long as 512 characters.

Another update lets you find participants in a WhatsApp Group.

WhatsApp’s video and voice calling features have been around for quite some time. WhatsApp for Android also allows users to search for a participant from the group info window. This feature originally rolled out on iOS earlier this month. For those of you who have even for used WhatsApp for video calling and there has been a situation that you needed to switch to the voice calling directly form the video calling.

The WhatsApp calling can now be switched between voice and video by a simple tap of a  video camera buttom .

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