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What perfumes will “Regenerate” us and which will improve our mood?

Scientists say that perfumes influence how we are perceived by others. Thanks to properly selected fragrances, we can even give the appearance of younger and slimmer than we are, as well as change our mood. We advise on the smells.

Studies show that delicate flowers associated with spring, such as lily of the valley, peony, magnolia and freesia bring to mind youth and freshness, and the lady who smells them looks younger, feminine and gentle. 

Perfumes in matured ages

Flowers that smell more intense and intoxicating, e.g. geranium, iris, tuberose, narcissus or mimosa – add seriousness and years. Therefore, at a mature age, it is better to choose delicate floral scents. Our advice The sensitivity of the nose to smells decreases with age. 

It is worth asking your daughter or granddaughter if they assess a given fragrance as strong or subtle.

Perfumes, to which citrus notes have been added, e.g. bergamot, grapefruit, orange, lime “subtract” kilograms, because they bring to mind refreshment and lightness. That is why we are happy to reach for them – sometimes subconsciously – in summer, on warm days. 

In turn, the smells referred to as gourmand (pronounced gurmand), i.e. chocolate, honey, caramel, pralines, sweet almonds improve humor, because they are associated with tasty food. They are perfect for autumn and winter, when we usually have a worse mood. 

And when it is also cold for us, let’s reach for perfumes with warm and sweet notes, e.g. ambergris, sandalwood, tonka or white musk. They are associated with warmth and comfort. 

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Fragrances that improve the mood

When it gets dark quickly outside and the temperature begins to reach below freezing, most of us feel a decrease in mood. In such moments, we wonder what we could do to improve our mood?

The perfect way to overcome autumn nostalgia is also to “wrap yourself” with the smell.

Familiar smells bring to mind memories, even exact scenes, words and feelings. The sense of smell can affect taste sensations and even our well-being. Sometimes, to put you in a good mood, just smell the right plants or products. Not only will we relax quickly thanks to this, but also we will not gain kilos from it.

Sources of wonderful fragrances are often the most ordinary products you use at home. In addition, you can use essential oils and aromatic candles.

Fragrant candles will transform ordinary space into a place full of joy and will create an unforgettable atmosphere. – Juicy tangerine combined with sweet almond and creamy musk will give the interior a luxurious character. A note of ripe plum, black tea and rice milk will give you energy. The composition is complemented by notes of Ylang Ylang fruit, wood, amber and pralines, thanks to which the aroma is very pleasant and has a relaxing effect on the mood – one of the candle manufacturers encourages.

Research conducted by SC Johnson in the USA in 2013 shows that as many as 81 percent of respondents admit that the smell can have a positive effect on their mood. Other fragrances that have the greatest positive impact on our mood are: the smell of peeled orange peel (63%), the combination of apple and cinnamon (62%), the vanilla fragrance (60%) and the smell of chocolate (59%)

The aroma of chocolate loosens and improves the mood, and the scent of citrus makes us drive better. These are just a few of the relationships scientists have discovered that influence smells on people’s behavior.

Perfumes also from :

Oranges, lemons, grapefruits

Citrus scents help reduce stress. Brazilian scientists have shown that those who had the scent of sweet orange oil before the stressful moment showed lower levels of anxiety.


We all know that drinking coffee stimulates and adds energy. Meanwhile, also its smell has a great impact on our body. Such aroma sensations de-stress and calm down. The aroma of coffee can also be replaced by an alarm clock. It has been proven that this fragrance easily wakes the body from sleep.


Lavender oil has been used in aromatherapy for years. The smell of lavender is not only calming, but also bactericidal. Studies have shown that within twelve hours vapors destroy pneumococci and streptococci.


It is the smell of chocolate that is one of the largest aphrodisiacs. What’s more, this aroma gives us energy. It has also been proven that inhaling the smell of chocolate while learning helps to remember information better.


Not everyone is in favor of the mint flavor. Their digestive system suffers because the mint tea helps digestion. However, there is a solution for such people. Instead of drinking such an infusion, they can simply inhale its aroma. The very smell of mint also has a positive effect on digestion, and additionally reduces the feeling of stress and makes us happier.


Some people think that vanilla scent is one of the best antidepressants. What’s more, it has a relaxing effect. Most often, this aroma is used in the kitchen or in perfumes, because for years it is believed that it is a great aphrodisiac. In the publication Proceedings of ISOT / JASTS 2004 we find a description of the study, which suggests that the aroma of vanilla beans relieves nervous tension. After the vanilla aromatherapy, the study participants felt happier and more relaxed.

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Cinnamon sharpens the mind

Cinnamon is an excellent aromatherapy not only because it evokes memories of grandma’s apple pie. Phillip Zoladz from Wheeling Jesuit University has found that inhaling the sweet cinnamon aroma improves cognitive functions, including visual-motor response, working memory and the length of concentration of attention.

Research from 2009 showed that cinnamon sprayed in the air improves alertness and reduces frustration when simulating road participation. Additionally, as reported in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, the cinnamon compounds – cinnamaldehyde and epicatechin – counteract Alzheimer’s disease by stopping the appearance of tau proteins in the brain that lead to memory damage.

Apples relieve migraine

Everyone who has ever experienced a nightmare migraine knows that certain odors can worsen pain. However, there is an aroma that can work just the opposite. A study of 50 patients with chronic migraine showed that those who thought the smell of green apples was pleasant felt a significant reduction in pain, and the migraine episodes lasted shorter.

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