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You’ll Now Start Seeing 3D Content On Your Facebook Newsfeed

The social network rolled out support for a new file format this week, which will make it even easier for users to share high-quality 3D images.

The file format also brings support for textures, lighting, and realistic rendering techniques, regardless of the 3D art being rough, shiny, metallic, or soft.

The Facebook 3D support will in future tie-in with Facebook’s Occulus VR headset and possibly their rumoured Augmented Reality headset with Facebook saying ‘In the future, we envision a seamless digital world where people can share immersive experiences and objects like these across VR, AR and Facebook News Feed’.

The posts shared can be interacted with, allowing the users to rotate the models in their feed. Facebook says it looks forward to seeing the ecosystem of 3D content grow on Facebook as users start to contribute more 3D models.

“It is instantly responsive to scroll and touch, making content pop off the screen”.

With Facebook’s new Graph API with 3D post support, developers can now build 3D sharing into any app, so you could create a 3D post with just one click. “On the web, people can share objects directly from the Oculus Medium web gallery and soon from Google’s Poly as well”, the company said.

Aside from LEGO, other companies have also posted their own 3D content, such as Jurassic World, Sony, Wayfair, and several other brands as well.

Lego users will be able to share their creations, while US-based online furniture store WayFair showed off a complete living room in their example of Facebook 3D posts. Facebook 3D posts are the beginning of the tech giant’s aim to make it easier for people to share VR and AR experiences, with the hope of providing interactive animations and 3D content to the anyone with a smart phone – rather than the select few with a headset or the right software – using AR. And of course Facebook partners, such as Sony’s 3D Creator app (seen below).

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